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Lava Gray Cabinets

The rising trend of gorgeous gray kitchens over the last few years has inspired the addition of the Lava Gray cabinet line to our product offerings. Gray is both chic and sophisticated, making it the perfect choice for the busiest room in your home.

Lava Gray is a subtly neutral color that offers a stylistically blank canvas that would suit any color pallet. You can create a warm and moody setting by incorporating copper accents and dark flooring.

Or pair with cool blues and natural elements to brighten up the space and give it a lively feel. Lava Gray is the ideal choice to easily elevate any style of kitchen.

What To Know About Lava Gray Cabinets

At National Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry, our ready-to-assemble cabinets are made of solid maple wood. They are built to withstand the wear and tear you and your family may put them through in the kitchen, bathroom, or utility room.

Our Lava Gray stain is a medium gray finish that goes on as smooth as butter. This beautiful finish is what makes these cabinets easy to clean with a simple swipe, no elbow grease required.

Our RTA cabinets come in any kitchen configuration you could imagine and are well-suited for any style of home. Lava Gray cabinets feature a classic style door making it a perfect fit for either the kitchen or even the master suite.

RTA Lava Gray Cabinets: Austin TX Has Them In Stock

Is your project date creeping up on you? Not to worry! Our Austin warehouse is fully stocked! And ready to help you meet deadlines and realize your dream kitchen.

Whether you’ve settled on Lava Gray or are open to exploring other color options, we carry a variety of styles and colors for you to choose from. They are all ready to deliver at your convenience.

Our National Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry team does everything in-house! Even for rushed job remodel, we have plenty of cabinet color and style options to suit your aesthetic and your budget.

“The high-quality manufacturing and finish give our Lava Gray stain finish a premium and polished look and feel from every angle.”

Lava Gray RTA Cabinet Features

No two kitchens are exactly alike. They all have a unique story and function. Even if they may be similar in design or style, it’s all about how you use them!

What do you envision for your kitchen? How will you use it? Are you an entertainer or an avid baker?

However you wish to use your family hub, National Kitchen & Bath’s RTA cabinets all offer these amazing features that can be customized to suit your configuration.

  1. Glass doors and shelves
  2. Built-in wine storage
  3. Small appliance storage and lift
  4. Trash and recycling centers
  5. Blind corner swing-outs
  6. Base cabinet pullouts
  7. Filler pullouts
  8. Drawer accessories

Working on a tight schedule? RTA cabinetry is just the solution you need to meet your deadlines while still delivering a customizable and high-quality product.

Our team can help! As a wholesale cabinet distributor, our Austin-based warehouse is stuffed with RTA cabinets that are ready to deliver, even for a rush job.

RTA Cabinets Offer High-Quality Wood & Premium Finish

While our competition uses mixed materials of particle board or compressed wood, we don’t cut corners on quality. Every element of National Kitchen & Bath’s RTA cabinets is made of solid maple.

This high-quality manufacturing gives our Lava Gray stain finish a premium and polished look and feel from every angle.

We know firsthand that our community of Austinites holds high standards for health and cleanliness in the home. That’s why we have prioritized a stain finish that is one of the leading brands in our nation for indoor air quality.

Our solid maple wood facings are free of the harmful chemicals that many cheap and shoddy cabinets often release into your home.

Lava Gray’s Solid Construction

You’re not just building a house. You’re creating a home! It’s the place where your family will live, laugh, love, and grow together.

It’s for that reason that the National Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry team operates with an unwavering dedication to quality and durability.

Our sturdy cabinet materials and design feature thick frames and doors. Offering a ¾ inch thickness for doors and ½ inch thick cabinet boxes, our designs are built to last.

We’re even familiar with the challenges of the Texas humidity and have planned against it. We have worked hard to ensure that you can count on our furniture-grade products to hold true where other lesser products would warp under similar circumstances.

With our signature dovetailed construction, we can ensure you experience an easy and smooth pull with any of our solid maple drawers while enjoying the beauty of the design Lava Gray cabinets offer.

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