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Chestnut Brown Solid Wood Cabinets

Make your kitchen and bathroom more functional by investing in more spacious cabinets. Call us today for ready-to-assemble cabinetry.

What to Know About Chestnut Brown RTA Cabinets

Rich, deep Chestnut Brown cabinets from National K&B Cabinetry provide a classic look for bathrooms and kitchens. The dark look is ideal for designs establishing an old-world, traditional character.

A highly respected cabinet wholesaler serving the Austin metropolitan area, National K&B Cabinetry offers top quality solid wood cabinets at wholesale prices. An impressive team of cabinetry experts works with the cabinet and construction industry to provide superior products at the best prices in the business.

Custom Cabinet Features 

The Chestnut Brown cabinets available from National K&B Cabinetry come with a wide range of unique special benefits and features designed to improve the form and function of your kitchen or bathroom. Among the affordable option features of our RTA cabinets include:

  • Base cabinet pullouts
  • Blind corner swing-outs
  • Built-in wine storage
  • Drawer accessories
  • Filler pullouts
  • Mixer storage and lift
  • Trash and recycling centers

National K&B Cabinetry LLC is certified and compliant with the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

Top Quality Cabinet Wood and Finished at Wholesale Price

National K&B Cabinetry uses only pure, solid maple wood with no additives or particleboard. Chestnut Brown cabinets are expertly stained by talented professionals to give them a smooth and polished look at every angle.

Austin residents have high standards for cabinetry work throughout their homes. Our process entirely avoids dangerous or harmful chemicals that could present health risks to residents or visitors. The Chestnut Brown stain finish meets our high standards, leading the nation for indoor air quality.

All cabinet parts for the cabinets from National K&B Cabinetry are made from solid maple, including:

  • Doors
  • Drawers
  • Frames
  • Moldings
  • Corbels
  • Posts
  • Decorative elements



Come see for yourself! An impressive 30,000 square-foot Austin showroom is open to the public to showcase our varied styles and finishes of premier quality cabinetry. We also offer cabinet delivery within 60 miles of our Austin warehouse.

Solid Construction for Chestnut Cabinets

National K&B Cabinetry is dedicated to providing excellent, top quality, and long-lasting cabinetry for homes in the Austin area. Our sturdy cabinetry features thick frames and doors that will hold up to regular use in your home.

RTA cabinets from National K&B Cabinetry are constructed by trained and experienced industry professionals. We use only the finest materials, and the latest technologies and processes to create the finest affordable wholesale cabinetry you can find in Austin and surrounding communities.

Our cabinets will hold up to the changing conditions and stifling humidity that Texas is famous for. They are designed and constructed to help reduce the chances of warping in humid or moist conditions.

Glass Cabinet Shelving and Additional Options

The interior shelving configuration can help to define the look and use of your bathroom and kitchen cabinets. Adding shelves or door inserts to Chestnut Brown cabinets offer different looks and functions.

  • Shelving options include wood and glass
  • Glass shelving is available in clear or frosted finishes
  • Tempered glass provides protection from broken or shattered glass
  • Glass is custom-made to fit our top quality cabinets and is not sold separately

Keep in mind that glass products are available with cabinetry orders only.

The Best Wholesale Cabinets in Austin 

Spruce up your home’s aesthetic with chestnut cabinets from National K&B Cabinetry. Get in touch with a member of our team today and begin transforming your kitchen or bathroom into the space you’ve been dreaming about!

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