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How to Choose Cabinet Doors For Any Room of The House

Building and remodeling any room in the home is an exciting process. It can also be riddled with information overload and decision fatigue. But you will have to look at and use these cabinets multiple times each and every day. It should be something you love that will stand the test of time.

But should you choose pricey handmade cabinets or a more affordable solid wood RTA cabinet option? And then there’s the question of type, and style, not to mention room design and cabinet configuration. Local cabinet door manufacturer, Austin-based National K&B Cabinetry, is here to clear the fog and help builders and homeowners choose the best cabinet option for any room of the house.

“Custom layouts and features with a variety of RTA style and design options brought to the local area at wholesale prices with a lifetime warranty will make the most of any budget.”

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Kitchen or Bathroom Layout

Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms that families use multiple times each day. Consider space usage, functionality, and the cooking work triangle when establishing a layout for kitchen cabinetry.

Where will you face while cooking? Or while washing up? How will groceries be stored? What about baking and entertaining?

Picture how the space will be used on a daily basis and design the cabinet layout to match. Take advantage of our free 3D Kitchen Design services to visualize your dream kitchen or bathroom.

Budget Considerations

Cabinetry comes in a wide range of styles and prices, depending on the needs, design, and budget for each project. Custom crafted and handmade cabinets at full price are often out of reach for the average budget.

However, custom layouts and features with a variety of RTA style and design options brought to the local area at wholesale prices with a lifetime warranty will make the most of any budget. That’s what we offer at National K&B, the top source for kitchen cabinet door manufacturers Austin builders and homeowners trust.

Storage Options

A place for everything and everything in its place. Properly designed and thoughtful storage is the strongest defense against clutter and chaos, especially in the kitchen.

Cabinets that reach all the way to the ceiling offer more storage without taking up more square footage. Innovative blind corner swing-outs keep kitchen users off their knees, digging three feet back for ingredients or tools they need.

Base cabinet pullouts increase cleanliness and visibility for what used to be a deep, dark hole of open storage. Mixer storage and lifts keep appliances tucked away and organized when not needed and trash and recycling centers clear up floor space and reduce unpleasant smells.

However you choose to enhance the function and storage of your kitchen should be thoughtfully planned. Even the most useful upgrades don’t have to break the budget when designed with all wood RTA cabinets.

Different Types Cabinet Doors

Standard Overlay RTA Cabinets

This option is designed to only partially cover the face of the cabinet, leaving an edge around the drawers and cabinets.

Full Overlay RTA Cabinets

These Euro-style cabinets cover the frame of the cabinet completely, granting more access to the space inside and a cleaner looking design.

Different Styles and Designs of RTA Cabinet Doors

At National K&B, there’s an RTA design to match any style and any budget.


Shakers cabinets are elegantly simple with flat wood framing around doors and drawer fronts. It offers a clean and sleek look for a kitchen or bathroom.


Classic RTA cabinets give a traditional design for a French country or cottage style space with timeless raised panels and deep molding.


This design is a pleasing blend of the sleek shaker cabinets and a more subtle style than the classic cabinets.


This traditional elegant style offers a rounded top moulding and gives a rich elegant look and feel to any room.


Any style of RTA upper cabinets can be upgraded to glass-front faces in either clear or frosted glass. Our high-quality glass is made with tempered glass for durability and safety.

What To Look For In Cabinet Doors For Any Room

Cabinets get opened and closed multiple times per day and must be made to last. Look for solid maple wood and secure functional hardware. Prioritize safe tempered glass to avoid easy breakage and potential injury.

You want something that will last but that still offers several different types of finishes, colors, and custom design and layout options. Look for convenient and innovative storage solutions and enhancements that make for a functional and tidy space.

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