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Tips for Designing a Modern Kitchen

Here at National Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry, a modern kitchen doesn’t have to be super pricey. We take great pride in giving Austin home-owners luxury but at an affordable priceToday’s post provides our top tips for designing a modern kitchen that you can be proud of. 

Dinner party, anyone? 

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Tip 1: Practicality Comes First

We’re going to outline some key ways to modernize your kitchen. However, it’s important that your kitchen is functional and practical, too. Consider storage carefully, as well as having enough countertops to move and cook in freely. Don’t forget your appliances, too, like your refrigerator, dish washer, and oven. 

Tip 2: Hide Your Garbage Bins 

Nothing ruins an aesthetic quite like trash. 

As such, try to store your garbage bin somewhere that isn’t easily spotted. That said, ensure your garbage bin is placed somewhere that is easy to access. It’s an item that is frequently used, after all. Perhaps installing a deep sliding bin into your countertops may be a possibility, which ensures it’s not a focal point in the room but it’s easy to get to. 

Tip 3: Install an Island 

A kitchen island screams opulence. And it’s a relatively straightforward installation. You’ll want to ensure that your kitchen island matches your cabinets in color and style, opting for a clean color rather than pastels or bright shades. Solid wood cabinet designs that are painted silver, black, white, or gray will work well. 

But a kitchen island is more than just adding a luxurious touch to your kitchen. When chosen with care, a kitchen island provides more cooking space, additional storage and space for kitchen cabinets, and even acts as a supporting dining area, (think: modern breakfast bar). 

Tip 4: Modern Kitchen Flooring 

While flooring can be overlooked, it is a component of your kitchen that really adds to the overall atmosphere in your kitchen. In fact, your kitchen floor likely has the largest surface area in your entire property, so how you decorate that will massively impact the aesthetic. 

If “modern” is what you’re going for, you’ll want to focus on the simplicity of the flooring. Don’t select something with too much going on. Additionally, consider the sheen. Choose either something shiny or matte, but don’t try to compromise and sit in the middle. That will cause a washed out look, and it won’t make that “modern-esque” statement you’re aiming for. 

Tip 5: It’s All About Your Cabinets 

Your kitchen cabinets play a large role in the overall look and functionality of your room. They can make or break the overall “vibe” of your room. A solid wood cabinet allows better personalization, as you can adjust the colors. 

“Your kitchen cabinets play a large role in the overall look of your room”

Furthermore, for modern kitchen cabinets, you should opt for either straight or shaker doors that have minimal detail. Too much patterning will cause a clash, and can look dated quickly. As a rule, a modern aesthetic relies on simplicity. 

Therefore, Simplistic handles and kitchen cabinets will feed into the modern look you’re aiming for, which is emphasized by using monochrome colors, (white, black, and/or gray). There are cases where colors like navy and gold can be manipulated and shaped into a modern kitchen, so if you’re a firm lover of color, make sure you do your research. 

Consider functionality, too. Having plenty of storage space inside your kitchen cabinets is crucial, and plan out, before making any final decisions, the purpose of each cabinet. 

Don’t forget to look into a built-in cabinet that hides your trash and recycling bins. 

Tip 6: Lighting Is Key 

A unique lighting arrangement can add some pizzazz to your modern kitchen. Whether you aim for LED lights above your kitchen counters, (which can be dimmed, creating a warmer ambiance), or a more contemporary suspended, hanging light, lighting is the finishing touch you need to bring everything together. 

If you prefer the look of lights that dangle above your head, make sure they’re placed with care. You don’t want to keep bumping into your lights while you’re cooking. 

You should also carefully consider the bulbs you opt for. The power of the light bulb as well as the overall tone will add to your kitchen. Warm, yellow hues, perhaps, aren’t as ‘modern’ as colder, more blue hues. 

Your Modern Kitchen Is Waiting For You

The 6 tips we’ve given you to installing a modern kitchen in your property gives you the know-how. But here at National Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry, we want to give you more than just the knowledge. Get yourself some Solid Wood White RTA Cabinetry for that ultra modern finish. Or, check out our gray collection, (specifically our lava and pearl gray sets). With your cabinets dominating your kitchen space, make sure they’re functional and fabulous, and take a look at National Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry’s site today.