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Top 6 Kitchen Cabinet Trends for 2022

Source: Unsplash

For most people, 2021 was the start of returning back to what really matters: family, friends, good conversation, and food. All of those things are easiest to enjoy in the kitchen where an organized space makes it easy to put on a great meal and still keep track of what’s going on in the conversation.

Kitchen cabinets aren’t just about containing our most-used gadgets and tools; they’re an important visual aspect of the space. We love ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets for their affordability, ease of assembly, and variety. RTA cabinets are the perfect middle ground between the ultra-luxe custom cabinets and the mass-produced, big-box cabinetry.

We know that RTA cabinets will continue to be in high demand in the coming year, but we wanted to highlight a few other trends likely to skyrocket after the New Year festivities. Here are the top six kitchen cabinet trends for 2022.

1.    Scandinavian-Style Cabinets

You don’t have to be an IKEA fan to see the appeal of these beautiful Scandinavian-style cabinets. At one point, they were a novelty, only showing up in a few maverick homes. However, their appeal is in the sleek look they bring to a kitchen.

There are no hinges or handles, providing that smooth look that makes them so popular. As you might imagine, the most popular color is white, but beautiful pearl grays and beiges are working their way into the conversation quickly as homeowners look to branch out from plain white.

These ready-to-assemble kitchen cabinets are designed to open up from the bottom instead of pulling on a handle, giving a bit of an industrial and modern look to the kitchen.

2.    Floating Shelving

Does the shelving actually float? Of course not. But many people are going crazy over the look of these “floating” shelves, which are designed to install against the wall without showing any brackets or other fixtures.

They not only open up a room, but they are great for storing keepsakes from travels or displaying your fine china. Why leave the good dishes just for holidays? These days, any day is a celebration.

3.    Warm, Rich Wood

The top three kinds of wood for cabinet doors in 2022 will be the classics, but with a new twist. Maple, oak, and cherry are all great selections for cabinet doors, and homeowners want to use them in different ways. The beauty of ready-to-assemble cabinets is that they give homeowners options.

You can recreate this look in a number of ways; dark chocolate tones are a great place to start.

4.    More Metal Than a Rock Band

From stainless steel finishes to gold accents, it’s clear that homeowners are ready to go bold. You can’t go wrong with adding metal finishes within the kitchen, and cabinets provide a way to go boldly forward without going too forward.

Sleek metal handles for cabinet doors, floating shelves with metal accents to highlight the vignettes displayed, and upgraded drawer pulls are all on the menu again. We’re happy to see homeowners willing to take a risk to add something new to the kitchen.

5.    Strong Contrast

Is the reign of white-on-white-on-white over? We think it will come to a close in 2022 as more and more homeowners embrace colorful schemes for the kitchen. While white is the ultimate neutral, people are ready to connect again, which means having colors that strike up a conversation.

Whether that’s soft seafoam greens or fiery reds and playful oranges, it’s clear that homeowners are looking to shake things up.

Some color contrasts that you’re likely to see in 2022 include dark blue against coral, peach against deep honey, black and gold, and plenty of other interesting, eclectic combinations.

6.    Maximalism

What is maximalism? It’s a movement that basically turns minimalism on its head. Indeed, the reigning mantra here is “more is more,” and this can take shape in multiple ways when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Raised panel cabinets with bold metal hardware or even louvered cabinets lend the feeling of space to any kitchen.

You can truly run wild with maximalism, bringing color, size, shape, and dimension to a kitchen that will surely become a conversation piece in its own right.

Tying It All Together

There’s still plenty of time to look at the kitchen cabinet trends above and make a real plan of action to bring in something different into your kitchen. Even if you’re a contractor working with clients, knowing what’s hot and what’s cooling off helps you make even better recommendations.

Once you show us examples of the cabinets you like, our team at National K&B Cabinetry can discuss how to make this trend come alive at home. We’re also happy to answer any additional questions you have about RTA cabinets or what’s fashionable in the great world of cabinetry.