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How to Match Cabinetry with Countertops

Wooden kitchen cabinetry

Updated kitchens are always in demand for homebuyers. While home decor magazines’ trends are a starting point for discovering which elements are on the rise and which are on the way out, it’s best to learn what real estate companies report are the design features that correlate with sales. 

Ultimately, it will depend on the unique attributes of the local geographic market, but there are some universal techniques home builders should use when deciding upon cabinets and countertops.

Start With Countertops

Almost two-thirds of homeowners have said that islands are the most important feature to them. If islands are the focal feature, it makes sense to start with countertops when designing kitchens since it’s likely that countertops may have either a pattern or a color that will be the basis for all other design decisions made in the kitchen.

Not too long ago, every homeowner was fawning over granite countertops, but within the past few years, quartz has taken over, as it’s easy to maintain, is antimicrobial, and is extremely durable. Quartz’s initial drawback was its lack of color and finish variety, but manufacturers now offer many colors and even some patterns that resemble natural stone. If you decide to go with a pattern – whether you select quartz, marble, granite or another kind of stone – pick a color from the pattern that can be used for the cabinetry. 

Subtle Contrasts

In the homebuilding industry, it’s tempting to want to play it safe. But white countertops paired with white cabinets might be so safe as to be considered boring and uninspiring.

Although a recent trend is to use bold colors for cabinets – blue and even black are some of the newest choices – if your client is more conservative you can still add interest by contrasting lighter and darker shades of the same neutral hue. Play with light and dark contrasts, as it can add drama to the room and yet still come across as striking rather than daring.

Another trend is to use contrasting cabinet colors. For example, the upper cabinets are one shade and the lower cabinets are a different one. Once again, you’ll need to keep the clientele in mind, but a safe way to use this technique is to either choose contrasting shades in the same color family or simply choose two neutral shades to play off each other.

And because islands seem to top home buyers’ lists of what they’re looking for in a kitchen, an ideal way to make the island stand out is to use a slightly darker or bolder cabinetry shade for the island, and let the other cabinets take on a lighter, more neutral tone. 

Are Warm Tones in and White Kitchens Out?

Trends are just guideposts, and it may take some home buyers time to adjust to bolder ideas. Once again, it’s important to research trends in the local market, but always make functional design and the use of durable materials a priority.

Since kitchens are so expensive to renovate, the kitchen you feature in a new or remodeled home should aim to please the homeowner for many years. You can take subtle risks with colors and contrasts, but leave the really bold elements for accents, accessories or even hardware, which can more easily be updated or replaced. The focus for larger elements like countertops and cabinetry should be clean lines and minimalist designs.

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