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5 Ways to Make Bathrooms More Luxurious Without the Cost

Having a luxurious bathroom is a cost-effective way to improve the look and feel of an entire house, and can be quickly accomplished without a lot of work or added cost by adding new cabinets and storage, installing quick and easy aesthetic upgrades, and choosing the right color scheme. 

Since bathrooms are typically one of the smallest rooms of a home, it’s easy to make a big impression, at an affordable price point. 

1. Choose Cost-Effective Upgrades

Bathroom upgrades have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive. Choosing the lowest-cost options for small items such as faucets and towel bars can often cheapen the look and feel of the entire room. You don’t have to pay for the most expensive choices to make the room feel extravagant, however. Just make sure that the items are cohesive, and don’t have plastic finishes. 

Adding a higher-end shower head can make a big impact, as can small upgrades that are extremely inexpensive. Things like framing the bathroom mirror, rather than leaving it bare create an ambiance while installing a curved shower curtain rather than a straight one will make the bath feel larger. 

2. Lighting Adds Value

Since bathrooms typically have little natural light, and people view themselves in the mirror in their bathroom every day, the lighting you choose is incredibly important. By adding multiple light fixtures and sources, you will instantly make the bathroom seem more elegant and upscale. 

Be sure to choose modern lighting options and not the typical unflattering sconces that are often found in new construction bathrooms. 

3. Choose Colors Wisely

Although colors are a personal preference, certain colors lend themselves well to a spa-like atmosphere of a lavish bathroom. For instance, clean, bright white cabinets can be paired with a countertop that has a marble-like finish and waterproof, faux-wood floors to create a bathroom that feels like a getaway.  

If you are in an area that tends to have a certain type of aesthetic, such as a beachfront neighborhood, you may want to use more daring color combinations, such as grey cabinetry with red or turquoise accents. 

Keep your color choices consistent with the type of home you are choosing them for, but also make sure that the palette is in keeping with high-end options. 

4. Add Storage and Wooden Cabinetry

The more storage a bathroom has, the more luxurious it tends to feel. You can cut down on costs and labor by installing wooden cabinets from a cabinet wholesaler. Since the cabinets are already made, you will be able to finish creating a luxurious bathroom quickly, allowing you to focus on other projects. 

Shelves are another quick and easy way to make a bathroom feel like a spa retreat. Installation takes minutes, and the impact is dramatic. 

5. Pick Finishes that Feel Expensive

You don’t have to choose between the cheap look and feel of laminate countertops and the high cost but luxurious look of marble. You can install quartz countertops and surfaces for a fraction of the cost of marble or other natural stone, while still getting the same luxurious look, feel, and durability.

Similarly, you can add small touches in a bathroom that feel opulent, but don’t have to be expensive. Choose real metal hardware, rather than plastic, even if it’s not the highest quality. Use tile strategically, in order to make an impact, rather than in large areas, which costs more and is very labor-intensive. 

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